Hi, I'm Joey Zeledon!

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Process - Analog Sketchbook
Process - Disruptive Innovation
OXO on - kitchen electrics
Concept - Foster Healthy Eating
OXO Good Grips - Rice and Grains Washing Colander
PepsiCo - Drinkfinity Beverage System
Concept - The Palatable Principles of Smart Food Lab
Concept - Touchy/Feely
Gatorade - Sports Hydration Tracking System
Concept - Coat Check Chair
Targus - Computer Peripherals for Mac
Under Armour - Fitness Tracker
Concept - Sustainable Running Shoe
OXO Good Grips - Utensil Holders
Invitation and Membership Experience
Medtronic - Aquamantys3 Bipolar Sealer with Cutting
Targus - Computer Peripherals for PC
Clarks Originals - Taiga Series
Unilever - Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser
Process - Digital Sketchbook
Banana Republic - Men's shoe line
Process - Sketching to Learn
Clarks Originals - Limited Edition Wallabees
Culture - Smart Team Building
Biography - Joey Zeledón
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